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Lunch and Learn on Digital Imagery of Large-Scale Photos on Glass and Choice of Air Barriers for Commercial Building Enclosures

Event Date: 
Friday, December 15, 2017 - 11:30am to 1:30pm
Event Type: 
Lunch & Learn
Event Location: 
FSU/GRCC Applied Technology Center, 151 Fountain Street, Room 234, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Architects and designers have many options for specifying dynamic architectural surfaces in their projects. Choices include metal, glass, and photography, and each has its benefits. Digital imagery in architectural glass has long been a favored option, but the size limitations of photos have made this option less than stellar.

Now, large-scale photos created with the advanced technology of gigapixel cameras and rigs produce digital artwork of a size and definition that are almost beyond imagining. The end result for designers and architects is the option of a photographic image in architectural glass of an exquisite level of light, detail, and realism that were never before possible.

This course begins by examining the various large-scale architectural surfaces the architect or designer might consider, and what goes into creating those surfaces. It looks at the typical digital images that have been used in glass installations, the limitations of those images, and the efforts to correct the images for use in architecture.

The 2nd hour will help you understand the importance of air barriers on building enclosure performance, and the choices of air barrier systems for air leakage control. Based on the application method there are 4 main types of air barriers for commercial buildings: (i) Fluid-Applied Membranes (FA), (ii) Mechanically Fastened (Building Wraps), (iii) Self-Adhered Membranes (SA), and (iv) Spray Polyurethane Foams (SPF). Based on vapor permeability air barriers can be vapor permeable and non-permeable. This seminar will discuss air barrier choices based on the application method; vapor permeability is beyond the scope of this presentation. The seminar is organized in 2 main sections: 1. The first section is a very brief review of air leakage and the importance of air leakage control for commercial building enclosures. 2. The second section will address the following for each air barrier type: brief description, examples of products, typical properties, application methods, system components and advantages & limitations. Examples of proper field installation and common mistakes will be outlined for each air barrier type. 

Both hours offer AIA HSW credit. 

Lunch will be provided. This lunch and learn is free to all current AIAGR members and students. Non-AIAGR members must pay $15 by check (make checks out to AIA Grand Rapids and send to AIA Grand Rapids, Attention: Deborah Dik, 10238 10 Mile Road, NE, Rockford, MI 49341) or by credit card at Eventbrite.
If you sign up and cannot attend for any reason, please email Deborah Dik at or call 616-340-6200 so we can cancel your lunch.